Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drymax socks review

A very long overdue review of my now go to sock for trail running.  I guess I started using Drymax socks about a year ago.  At that time I was still very new to running and was running in the Injinji toe socks.  I was offered some free socks to try out from my friends over at .  I was very comfortable running in the Injinji socks but I'm always ready to try different gear. 

I've now been wearing the Lite Trail for hot weather use and the thicker Trail Running version for the cooler season. 

The Lite Trail has seen extensive use by me and has lasted a long time with no wear holes but after a year they are starting to thin out in the heel and need replacing. 

The thicker Trail Running version are 1/4 crew high.  They always seem like to much sock when I put them on but they are very warm and comfy and have never given me any problems.  While I have not put has many miles into these they are certainly durable.  They look brand new after a years use! 

I'm not one to have a lot of blister problems but with these socks I've not had a single blister.  I've run about five ultra marathons in Drymax to date and will continue to use them with my upcoming races. 

I've yet to try the Maximum Protection model and I'm eager to see if they live up to the price tag.  I still have several pairs of Injinji socks around but they seem so flimsy they see little use these days.  If I'm not running in Drymax it is because I have not got around to doing the laundry and had to resort to whatever else I had clean.

Stand out points for me are:

I've been blister free
Socks have great durability and longevity
Designed specifically for trail running
Manufactured about 30 minutes from my home.

I highly recommend these socks for trail running and ultra running. 

Check out for Drymax socks and other cool products. 

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