Saturday, January 15, 2011

Release & Run dog collar/leash review

I'll admit I found out about this collar and leash gadget on the annoying  FB ads to the right of your screen.  I passed up on it for several months thinking it was not worth more attention.  The ads kept popping back up so I looked into it further.  Release and Run is a dog collar with a built in four foot flexi type lead.

Looking over their website and reading some other reviews I figured it was worth a try.  The product is made by a guy who appears to be an avid trail runner himself.  The product itself was a little costly at first glance at $34.95 for a larger dog plus shipping.  With that in mind if it meets my needs it is worth every penny.

The concept is basically a nylon snap buckle collar like any other.  It has a small 4' retractable lead attached with a nicely sewn together sheath that houses the retractor and leash handle.  I would have liked to have seen the nylon collar made of thicker nylon material for the larger dogs.

The handle is very lightweight and just the right size to run with in your hand and it not be bothersome.  When retracted it goes automatically into the sheath leaving just enough sticking out to grab when needed in a hurry.  It does not have a lock out feature like a regular flexi-type lead so there is a little constant pressure on the dog but nothing to restrictive of it's movement.

I ordered mine to use on my trail runs where leashes are required.  The catch for me is the rules are always the same... dog must be attached to a leash under 6' in length.  Well with this I have that covered even if I'm not holding the end :)

This collar really is a great device and after over 16 years in the dog training business I have tested and utilized countless products.  I highly recommend this to anyone who hikes or trail runs.  It lets you get to the trail head an just beyond on leash.  Get out there with less trail traffic and just let go off the handle and off you go hands free but with the peace of mind that the leash is already attached and ready to go if needed.

After only two runs with my shepherd I am happy I made this purchase.  I also opted for the hunter orange to add some dog safety when she is distant from me and doing her deer impression bounding through the woods.  Truthfully I never let her out of my sight but safety is still a concern with all the hunters around my running trails.

I have no financial interest in this product... however if they read this I would love another collar sent my way for the review :)

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