Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowy run at South Mountain

My pre-dawn long run never happened as I struggled with motivation to get up and enter the cold.
Waited till it warmed up enough for running in shorts and Mara and I took off to SM. The park roadway was closed due to ice so we altered our route. Very slow pace and I really did not care for a change. Lots of hiking and taking pictures of Mara in the snow. We looped in the High Shoals Falls Trail and this really slowed us down with the conditions on this tough climb.

Water levels in the creeks are starting to rise so I had to wade shin high across one at about the four mile mark. After that it was time to get moving to generate some heat to keep the toes from getting to cold.

Had my first problems with the Yak-Trax today... they did not provide traction well enough in the slushy snow... the Yak-Trax on my left foot kept stretching forward and extending out over the top of my foot.
I think I will purchase some Kahtoola Micro-Spikes before Mount Mitchell Challenge... stopping to fix these Yak-Trax every so often is to frustrating!

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The Sean said...

There is not much I have found that helps in slush... I put sheet metal screws in old shoes and it is the best I have found for a variety of conditions. They grip really well in an old pair of trainers.